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MÉRA WORLD MUSIC/Erdőfű Népi Kamarazenekar (HU)

Erdőfű Népi Kamarazenekar (HU)

Erdőfű Chamber Orchestra unites some of the most prominent folk musicians of the dance house (táncház) movement from Hungary in one band. They cherish and showcase the strings music heritage of Hungarians and other neighbouring nations from the Carpathian Basin.

Kiss-B. Ádám – violin, voice
Kalász Máté – violin
Halmos Attila – violin, voice
Maruzsenszki Andor – violin, voice
Kerékgyártó Gergely – viola, three-stringed viola, double bass, voice
Kaszap Attila – viola, three-stringed viola
Éri Márton – viola, three-stringed viola, voice
Király Tamás – double bass, cello, string drum
Éri Katalin – double bass, cello, string drum
Bede Péter – taragot, clarinet, flute, saxophone
Saloma Soma – flute, accordion, string drum
Zimber Ferenc – cymbalo