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MÉRA WORLD MUSIC/Kjartan & the Hét Hat Club (USA, FR, HU)

Kjartan & the Hét Hat Club (USA, FR, HU)

Kjartan of the Szkojáni Charlatans and the members of the Budapest based intarnational band Hét Hat Club have been the strong core of the intercontinental jam sessions of Méra World Music in the last years. Hét Hat Club (seven six club in Hungarian) is a Balkanouche band. A collective of travelling musicians who started playing together in the VIIth and VIth district of Budapest Hungary, with a jazz Manouche and Balkan repertoire. For the first time, they will present their unexpected combination of styles on the barnstage of Méra. The band calls this fusion of styles Schengen Zone shuffle, Balkan Pop, Deep Csardas, Maneleton, Balkanouche,Turbofolk, Carpathian Disko, Balkcumbia, GypHop.

Kjartan Code (US) – Vocals, Bass & Violin
Valentin Desmarais (FR) – Saxophone & Drum
Bitó János (HU) – Accordion
Isaac Misri (US) – Guitar & Tambura
Haraszti Adam (HU) – Drums