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Romano Drom (HU)

Romano Drom, “Gipsy’s road”, plays in original Vlach Gipsy language with modern scoring. The band, while maintaining its roots and traditions, has always been capable of renewal, and has played Vlach Gipsy tunes in a way that creates a contemporary music experience. The unique fusion music of the band mixes the hundreds of years old music culture with Catalan rumba, Arabic and Balkan pop rhythms besides such solutions in which the interesting harmony of drums and other instruments accompanies the traditional sound. Romano Drom is one of the most prominent representative of the contemporary Gipsy culture in Hungary.

Antal Kovács – vocals, guitar
József Balogh – vocals, guitar
Péter Bordás – bass guitar
Antal Kovács Máté – drums
Krisztián Kovács – percussion